Bible, open in sunlight by window Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash


As a church, we believe the bible is the word of God, through which he has shown his love and plan for all people. We believe God has a plan for everyone’s life and has shown that through the pages of the bible.
We are people who are far from perfect but who have encountered a perfect God who wants to be known by us and shown through us in our everyday lives. We try hard, make mistakes but realise the bible is true and want to see it lived out practically in our lives. As we learn more about Jesus and his thoughts, our lives are changed by the help and work of the Holy Spirit, part of what makes God who he is, to lead lives more like his own. 
At mundesley free church, you won’t find perfect christians but you wil find people who love God and want to live their lives Gods way. We strive for God to be seen at the heart of our community through the church and its various activities.